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Why wines from Bellvale ?
Well , it is in fact a love story…. i met John about 8 years ago now while he was visiting France on one of his many trips to Europe , and he just showed up at the restaurant I used to run to introduce us to Australian Pinot … i was a bit doubtlfull at first and then got completely seduced by his story , his kindness and of course , his wine !

A year later i was importing my first palet of Pinot and Chardonnay , and can’t wait to share it with french wine lovers

The domaine Bellvale is situated in the lush Tarwin River valley of South Gippsland, the area is acknowledged as one of Australia’s best Pinot-Noir producing regions.

The name, Bellvale comes from Johns’s family’s farm in New Amsterdam , NY.
The Bellvale label features two oak trees ( even though it looks like we only see one) and therefore the name of the Quercus cuvée ( Quercus is oak in latin). His passion for Burgundy leaded John to this place and he is now runing the 21 hectares;  new wines to come soon as he planted Nebbiolo !

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